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Eco Bubbles ~ Coconut Bucket Kit

Eco Bubbles ~ Coconut Bucket Kit

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Enjoy super colour filled massive bubbles, with a clear conscious! We stock Dr Zigs bubble kits, where all the equipment is plastic free, the mix comes at 10 X strength reducing the amount of plastic in use and the formula is environmentally friendly. 

Dr Zigs coconut buckets are completely handmade from reclaimed coconuts from the Bên Tre region in Vietnam. This gives the coconuts a whole new lease of life, the handle is made of sustainably sourced bamboo, and the rope is 100% cotton.

All in a handy travel size perfect for day out with the family! And the buckets are totally re-usable! Take them to the beach, use them to build sand castles, collect pretty shells, carry your dolls, lego, and use them for your bubbling!

Coconut bucket kit includes: 1- Dr Zigs coconut bucket 1- pair of wands with giant rope 1- 100ml 10x concentrate giant bubble mix 1 (makes 1L of Bubble Mix) - tips, tricks and instructions.

Product materials: Biodegradable, Non-toxic, Reusable and Vegan
Production: Sustainably sourced

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